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Sonata in D minor, opus 121
Three Romances, opus 22
Sonata in A minor, opus 105

Alois Kottmann, Violin
G√ľnter Ludwig, Piano

Order No.: Melisma 7101-2

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Robert Schumann composed both sonatas for violin and piano in 1851. They have not met with universal acceptance. However, anyone taking the trouble to examine them more closely will realise that they encapsulate Schumann's own torment, which culminated in mental illness, sometimes in passionate, sometimes in intimate and touching sound images - high art as the consequence of sublimation; Schumann's large-scale, profound, brooding and detached consideration of life, love and death. This recording includes three enchanting Romances from Clara Schumann who has only been rediscovered as a composer relatively recently. The quality of the composition begs the question what would have become of her had she not been beset with self-doubt, as expressed in her diary and letters: "I once thought I had some creative talent, but I have abandoned this idea. No woman should wish to compose - and indeed no woman has ever done so. Why should I be an exception?" And elsewhere: "There is nothing finer than creative work. If only to forget oneself for a few hours - time in which one only lives and breathes music." The two highly renowned musicians have succeeded in generating a performance which brings to life the rich impressions of this romantic music, the interplay between soulful intimacy and passionate outburst.